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ACLS Treatment Increases the Chance of Living

001-aclspin.jpgDuring a cardiac arrest, each minute that goes by without some emergency treatment reduces the chance of the patient surviving the attack without permanent damage. At extreme conditions, a lack of attention in the first few minutes may mean the stark difference between one’s life and death. Many people are familiar with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, but Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support or ACLS takes these skills one step ahead to include functions such as intubation, reading Electrocardiograms, defibrillation and starting intravenous drips. All these can be learned using ACLS Study Guide.

Basic Life Saving Course

ACLS courses teach the significance of recognizing irregular heart rhythms, and placing participants in a position to recognize arrhythmia before it progresses in to cardiac arrest. The classes have been geared towards working professionals, providing an option of online programs which teach theory, or also in person course which comes with the benefit of live skills practical sessions such as ACLS Practice Test. Both kinds do not need the completion of a Basic Life Saving course as a prerequisite, even though it is recommended highly.

Skills Taught in ACLS Training

Training expands upon what was learned in Basic Life Support and CPR. Sessions focus on managing and recognizing respiratory and cardiac arrest, and pre-arrest symptoms too. Also taught in ACLS Study Guide are medication use and information, related airway management, managing stroke, acute coronary syndromes, and the way to effectively communicate with the team.

Updated Training

For candidates who have already completed the ACLS Practice Test and got certification, keeping it updated is very important. Over the course of time, the standard and procedures of care might change through upgrades in technology and discoveries in medicine. Understanding and knowing up-to-date guidelines and techniques can have life changing effects.

Before and After

Prior to taking an online ACLS class, students must review what they have learned during CPR as well as BLS. This can create a better understanding of the guidelines and procedures which are the advanced training’s basis. After completing the course, some providers give access to ACLS Study Guide materials for almost 2 years.